Under the sea wraps

1. Peppermint Marine Mud Body Wrap - Stimulating and Toning

This oceanic experience will help stimulate the peripheral skin circulation and tone the skin.

2. Moor Mud Body Wrap - Purifying & Detoxifying

The potent healing moor is blended in an active moisturizing gel to hydrate your skin while sculpting, slimming and detoxifying your body. An excellent source against cellulite.

3. Sedona Body Mud Wrap - Purifying & Detoxifying

Rich Red Clay from the South West, combined with French seaweed will purify and detoxify your skin tissue.

4. Green and White algae Cocoon - Sculpting & Slimming

The combination of green and white algae will increase your metabolism while nourishing your skin and stimulate your lymphatic system.

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