1. Strapless

A deep pore cleansing specifically design for your shoulders and chest.

2. Crystal Sweep with Moor Healing Clay

This is a more gentle alternative to our Diamond Microdermabrasion. A two in one treatment that will make a whole difference in your facial session. The first part consists in a deep cleansing and micro crystals exfoliation to smooth the dark spots, acne blemishes and wrinkles, followed by the powerful moon healing therapy, a calming and skin regenerative 100% natural source that will take your skin to the next level.

3. Redness Control (Rosaces | Skin Redness and Hypersensitivity)

Tired of that redness all over your face, this healing and regenerative treatment will normalize your skin and a more natural appearance. 

4. Revival essences (Environmentally Damage Skin)

This treatment is appropriate for sun damaged skin. Revive the appearance of an unhealthy skin.

5. Moisture Up (Severely Dehydrated Skin)

This intensive moisture treatment is made by the penetration of an extra hydrating serum thru Galvanic Current therapy.

6. Firm Up (Mature skin | Anti aging)

Unveil your radiance with a gratifying treatment that help promote firmness and elasticity to your skin.

7. Lighten Up (hyper-pigmentation and acne blemishes)

Hydroquinone and Alpha Hydroxy Acids are used to accelerate the disappearance of hyper pigmentation.

8. End of Acne (Acne | Blemishes)

This Intensive treatment is performed with a combination of products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid and the powerful algamoor detoxifying mask. As part of this complete facial a pore desincrustation with galvanic current will be performed to help extracting that oxidize sebum inside of the pore.

9. Oil Control (Normal to Oily)

If that shiny looking is taking your peace away, its time to take control. 

10. Keep It Normal (Normal to Dry)

A normal skin needs maintenance. This facial will provide nutrition to maintain a healthy looking skin.

11. Roses Petals (Dry Sensitive)

A facial specially designed for the most sensitive skin. The anti inflammatory effect of the rose water and essential oils will desensitize. 

12. Deep in to the Pore (All Skin Type)

Extraction and pore detoxification is the main step in this facial.

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