Body Exfoliations

1. Seaweed Body Scrub

Seaweed will detoxify your skin while eliminating the rough appearance of your skin.

2. Citrus Blend Sugar Polish

The combination of 100% natural citrus essential oils and organic black sugar makes this a great choice to polish your skin.

3. Sea Salt Body Essences

A mixture of Dead Sea Salts and 100% essential oils will be blended to customize the perfect exfoliation for your skin type.

4. Fountain of Youth Body Scrub

Almond and Honey are  combined to rescue the most dehydrated skin. Seasonal Buffers - Chocolate and Strawberry exfoliation.


The perfect way to indulge yourself while removing the dead cells from your skin. A great San Valentine experience! 

4. Milk and Roses

This delightful body exfoliation is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.